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Become A Caasfitness Ambassador

At Caasfitness, we pride ourselves in delivering life changing products to our customers.

We push to uplift your mental as well as physical well being. Every product has countless benefits to all who use them.

We are always actively looking for brand ambassadors who can represent us and our vision on social media channels.

What does being a Caafitness brand ambassador mean?

Sharing our brand on social media.
Trying our products and sharing your experiences on social media.
Participating in exclusive advertising campaigns.

What advantages are there as a Caasfitness brand ambassador?

As a Caafitness brand ambassador you will receive exclusive gifts, discount coupon codes, access to products before they go on sale, commissions on promoted products and much more! 

You will be featured on our sales pages and have the potential to drive relevant traffic to your social media!

You'll also gain exclusive access to your very own private online dashboard where you can quickly view your sales data and incoming commissions. 

How to become a Caasfitness brand ambassador?

Please complete the application below and we'll get you started!

Name and Surname
Country & Place of Residence
Email address
Cell Phone Number
URL's to your profiles on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.) 

Looking forward to working with you!

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